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Diamond Children Children of the New Age 2012-2020

Diamond Children are children born since 2012. Some of them are born with entirely new souls and some are souls who have returned. Diamond Children are most enlightened children who bring with them to the world their very own special gifts. In addition, they have unique notable characteristics, which can be identified from the moment of their birth or during the first year of their life. Diamond Children are very "clear”, articulate in words and accurate in deeds.

The Physical Aspect

The first thing I see in these children is the shape of their eyes. Almond-shaped, sometimes with a tendency to slanted eyes, which tell their life story of all times and incarnations, or if they are new souls, it can be understood through them what is happening in the world of the souls who have not yet returned to physical bodies. Occasionally, they might develop headaches or vision problems which turn up as a result of an emotional trigger. Also, their sensitivity to large quantities of food at one meal could create pressure in their head and eyes. Diamond Children have a look of sweetness, they are active, love to chatter, touch, feel and experience Life on Earth. Their high sensitivity will be affected by strong lights, harsh noises, cruelty, and extreme weather or temperatures.

The Emotional/Mental Aspect

Diamond Children are born with a high level of knowledge and intuitive wisdom. The knowledge contained in them is released only when they decide to do so. Sometimes they show a slight shyness; alternatively, obvious features of born leaders are evident. They have a high ability to give on one hand, but strictly keep what belongs to them on the other. In extreme cases, they easily move from curiosity, questions and discussion – to utter silence.

Diamond Children have a high spoken language, an almost new language that to most people, their parents or their family members will sometimes not be clear or fully comprehended. From their moment of birth, they easily identify the energy of their parents and feel the emotions of the adults around them toward humans, animals, plants or minerals. Being highly sensitive, Diamond Children are receptive to “imaginary friends”, and they will converse with them about any subject that might occur to them. Also, they are open to “seeing” deceased relatives who will sit with them for dinner and talk with them, since they have come to guide them. Therefore, the ability to feel them and recognize them from birth is high, especially by people whose soul had experienced many incarnations.

From birth, Diamond Children feel the pain of people around them, especially their parents and relatives, and they also feel pain from the kingdom of planet Earth: animals, trees, plants, water, minerals, crystals and diamonds. They are attracted to shiny, glowing objects and get particularly excited when there are sparkly objects in their environment. They are capable of “hearing” dialogues and things that occur near trees and even feel the pain of the oceans. They feel the tides in them, because to them, there is no difference between Human kingdom and other kingdoms of planet Earth.

The Spiritual and Energetic Aspect

Diamond Children's energy resonates with the crown chakra, located in the center of the head, and with the third eye chakra, located between the eyebrows. In addition, their energetic frequency and telepathic communication are high. Their high energetic sensing arrives from a higher consciousness source of the new age, a high level of consciousness which is a consciousness of absolute Truth. Diamond Children will be natural healers; they will know to put their hands exactly where the body needs healing energy. In fact, they are born healers at all physical and emotional levels, and even at the soul level - in humans as well as animal and plants. They know how to take the pain to them and then release it into infinity.

Parents of the Diamond Children should be alert to the responsibility that these children take on themselves, for those enlightened children bring to the world gifts and features that are not common or understandable to their parents or their educators. The parents of these children were selected for this role for two reasons: one, to open and develop the "chained consciousness” of the parents and of those around them. Second, to strengthen the path of parents with old souls, spiritual character and high soul knowledge to handle and flow with their children, in addition to enthusiasm and love that will enable their growth.

Diamond Children will be a challenge for their parents, thoughts, beliefs and ideas of every adult, as they are smart from their first breathe. Anger will not be a good educational system for the Diamond Children. Accepting their words, deeds and ways, and openness towards them would be a better way. Parents of Diamond Children should be aware of their capabilities and intelligence; they ought to understand that each Diamond Child soul comes with special needs and it is their parents and caregivers’ responsibility to be open to their inner and outer world. Diamond Children are sensitive not only when someone is mad at them, but also during tough behavior on the part of parents or adults at all levels.

These children’s destiny is primarily to teach and heal at the same time. In addition, they can use their skills to become world leaders. They have a tendency toward teaching and studying issues related to features of our world’s substances or issues related to technology of creatures from planets parallel to Planet Earth.

In conclusion, when I began meeting Diamond Children a few years ago, and especially over the last year, I could not stop looking at their eyes, which were expressing purity, and bestowed calmness upon me. Since then I’ve studied the Diamond Children, from several aspects - physical, emotional and spiritual.

Take out from this script that which resonates with you. This is a material which I have learned and experienced through the encounter with Diamond Children or with their souls over the years and from the knowledge received by my higher guidance.

Love, Ariela Arditi Spiritual Healing Therapist, Spiritual Guide and Channeller. Contact: 052-2833205 Email: Website: Ariela Arditi 2015 © All rights reserved

Translation: eLiAna Baruch, M.A.

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